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Family Law Solicitors Chester - Legal Aid Funding

In the realm of family law in Chester, certain services like divorce, financial relief, and disputes over child arrangements often fall outside the scope of legal aid. However, legal aid is still accessible in specific areas of family law.

Areas Eligible for Legal Aid in Family Law:

  1. Care and Supervision Proceedings Involving Social Services: Parents involved in these proceedings are automatically entitled to legal aid, regardless of their financial situation.
  2. Domestic Abuse Cases: If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, you may be eligible for legal aid.
  3. Exceptional Cases: Certain cases deemed ‘exceptional’ may also qualify for legal aid.
  4. Mediation and Post-Mediation Advice: Legal aid can cover mediation services and subsequent advice.
  5. Private Disputes Over Child Arrangements with Risk Factors: If there’s evidence suggesting the other parent poses a risk to children, legal aid may be available for disputes regarding child arrangements.

Financial Qualification for Legal Aid:

It’s crucial to note that for all matters, except care and supervision proceedings, financial qualification is necessary. This means you’ll need to provide evidence of both your income and capital assets as part of the legal aid assessment process.

Our team of family law solicitors in Chester is here to help you navigate these options. We’ll provide expert advice on whether your situation meets the criteria for public funding and guide you through the legal aid assessment process. Our goal is to ensure you have the necessary support and information to make informed decisions about your family law matters.

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