Cohabitation Disputes

Family Law Solicitors Chester - Cohabitation Disputes

At Berkson Family Law, our solicitors in Chester offer specialized guidance in all aspects of cohabitation, a common arrangement where people live together without marriage or a civil partnership. Understanding your legal rights in such situations is crucial.

Cohabitation and Legal Rights

Contrary to popular belief, cohabiting couples do not automatically acquire the same rights as married couples, regardless of the duration of their relationship. It’s essential for cohabitants to seek legal advice to understand their specific rights and protections.

Disputes Involving Sole Ownership of Property

Disputes often arise when a property is solely registered in one partner’s name. The non-registered partner must then establish their interest in the property, which can be done in several ways:

  1. Making direct contributions to the property’s purchase price.
  2. Demonstrating that they were led to believe they had an interest in the property, perhaps due to financial contributions towards household bills or the mortgage.
  3. Showing substantial contributions to the property, such as funding home improvements.

Disputes Involving Jointly Owned Property

Issues can also emerge when a property is jointly owned, especially if one party refuses to leave or sell the property post-breakup. In such cases, our family law experts in Chester can advise on:

  • Rights of access and occupancy.
  • The feasibility of forcing a sale.
  • How to purchase the other party’s interest in the property.

Resolution Methods

While many disputes can be resolved through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution like mediation, court involvement may sometimes be necessary. Our team in Chester is adept at initiating or defending court applications, always prioritizing your interests.

Seeking Advice

Navigating cohabitation disputes can be challenging, and our goal at Berkson Family Law is to provide clear, practical advice. For assistance, please contact us at 0151 236 1234 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.