Our team of solicitors, with their deep expertise in divorce and matrimonial finances, is dedicated to resolving clients’ matters not only amicably and efficiently but also in a way that is mindful of cost-effectiveness, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

Financial Matters

When a relationship ends, it’s essential to settle financial matters. Our solicitors are highly experienced in handling financial disputes that arise during separations.

Child Arrangements

Navigating child arrangements during a divorce can be difficult. Our skilled family solicitors are here to support you at every stage, providing advice on your specific situation and recommending the best next steps for you and your children.

Cohabitation Matters

With more people choosing to cohabit without marriage or a civil partnership, it’s crucial to be aware of your legal rights in such arrangements.

Care Proceedings

Care proceedings are started when the Local Authority has worries about a child’s welfare. In these situations, the Local Authority might think about applying to the court. Our specialists can help you take back control in these cases.

Emergency Protection Procedures for Children

If the Local Authority/Social Services suspects that a child is in immediate danger, they have various emergency measures they can implement to ensure the child’s protection.


We provide guidance on how to apply for child adoption, how to challenge an adoption order, and the steps to take following the issuance of a placement order.

Local Authority Involvement

Where there are concerns regarding a child’s safety, it is the responsibility of Social Services to investigate. When the Local Authority believes a child is at danger, they have a duty to interfere. We are here to assist you.


If you’re taking on the full-time care of your grandchildren, you might think about getting a legal order to officially establish this arrangement. One option is to pursue a ‘Live With’ Order for Children.

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