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In the sphere of family law in Chester, adoption is a significant legal process where, upon approval by the Court, you are granted legal parental responsibility for a child. An adoption order terminates the legal ties between the child and their birth parents, establishing a new legal parent-child relationship with the adoptive parents.

At Berkson Family Law, we specialize in providing comprehensive guidance on various aspects of adoption. This includes assistance in applying to adopt a child, opposing an adoption order, and offering advice to foster carers or prospective adopters, especially in cases where a placement order has been issued.

Navigating the Adoption Process

Adoption is often a complex and lengthy journey. It’s crucial to seek our expert advice early in the process to navigate it effectively. Whether you’re considering adoption as an individual or as part of a couple, different requirements apply, and our team can guide you through these.

The approval process for adoption involves thorough checks by relevant authorities. While adoption agencies may offer support through this process, understanding the full legal implications is essential. We can also assist in scenarios where a child has been placed with you by a Local Authority, advising on potential assistance with fees or assessing your eligibility for legal aid.

Opposing Adoption Orders

For parents looking to oppose an adoption order, our team at Berkson Family Law can provide necessary legal counsel. Legal aid is available for opposing adoption orders, though it comes with certain restrictions. We encourage you to contact us to assess your eligibility for legal aid, and we can also explore alternative funding options if legal aid is not applicable in your case.

In all matters related to adoption and family law in Chester, our goal is to offer supportive, informed, and empathetic legal assistance, ensuring the best outcomes for all involved parties.