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Family Law Solicitors Chester - Emergency Protection Procedures For Children

In the realm of family law in Chester, there are specific measures that public authorities can implement concerning the immediate welfare of children, without necessitating a court application. These actions are crucial in situations where a child’s safety and well-being are at risk.

Key Measures in Child Welfare Cases

  1. Section 20 (Voluntary Accommodation): This provision allows the local authority to offer accommodation for a child without needing a care order. It’s a voluntary arrangement, often used when parents are temporarily unable to care for their child.
  2. Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs): An EPO grants the local authority temporary parental responsibility for a child, used in urgent situations to ensure the child’s safety.
  3. Police Protection Orders (PPOs): These orders enable the police to remove a child from their current carers immediately, without a court order, if they believe the child is in immediate danger.

Legal Aid and Assistance

Navigating the eligibility for Legal Aid in these situations can be complex. Our team at Berkson Family Law in Chester is equipped to assist you in assessing your eligibility for Legal Aid. If you find that you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we can still provide guidance and support in these matters.

Support for Grandparents

In cases involving grandparents, a Special Guardianship Order can be pursued. This order grants grandparents parental responsibility, enabling them to make both day-to-day and significant decisions, such as those related to medical care, for their grandchild.

Assessing Legal Aid Eligibility

We encourage you to contact our office in Chester to discuss your situation with one of our clerks. They can assess your eligibility for legal aid at no cost, providing you with the necessary information to proceed with your case. At Berkson Family Law in Chester, we are committed to offering comprehensive support and guidance in these sensitive and crucial family law matters.

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