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Navigating child arrangements following a separation can often lead to disagreements. If you’re struggling to resolve these issues independently, court intervention might be necessary. Whether you’re considering applying to the family court or responding to an application, seeking legal advice or representation in court is advisable.

At our firm, specializing in family law in Chester, we provide assistance with disputes related to child arrangements. Our expertise covers a range of scenarios, ensuring the best interests of your children are prioritized.

You may qualify for Legal Aid funding to support your case. By contacting our offices, we can assess your eligibility for this funding. Even if you’re not eligible for Legal Aid, our team is still equipped to assist you with these matters.

In proceedings concerning child arrangements, the court’s primary focus is on what serves the best interests of the children. Various applications can be made, including:

  1. Child Arrangements Order: This order can specify with whom the child lives (‘live with’) or the time a child spends with each parent (‘spends time with’). It outlines the living arrangements and contact schedule for the child.
  2. Orders for Parental Responsibility and Declaration of Parentage: These orders establish legal rights and responsibilities for a parent.
  3. Prohibited Steps Order: This order can restrict certain actions or decisions a parent can make regarding their children without the court’s explicit approval.
  4. Specific Issue Order: This order addresses specific questions about a child’s upbringing.

It’s important to note that to make these applications, you must have parental responsibility, which entails the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent.

If you prefer to avoid court proceedings, our team can facilitate negotiations. This approach aims to reach an agreement amicably, without the need for court intervention. Our expertise in family law in Chester, including child arrangements, positions us to offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout this process.

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